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    Deuterium(D) or 2H is a naturally-occurring, stable, non-radioactive isotope of Hydrogen which is widely used for labeling. It is prepared by hydrogen–deuterium (H/D) exchange reaction using either D2 or D2O along with the catalyst.
    Other than Deuterium main isotopes routinely used are 1H, 13C and 15N, with a more sparse use of 31P, 19F and 17O.
    Isotope labeled compounds are used in chemistry and biochemistry to understand reaction mechanisms, metabolic pathway, metabolic transformations and interactions because they have different masses and can be detected by Mass Spectroscopy(MS) and different vibration modes which can be detected by IR and NMR.
    Deuterium labeled standards are broadly employed in organic chemistry, organometallic chemistry, enzymology, spectroscopy, pharmacology, and many other fields
    Applications are:
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