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    Synergy analytics laboratories Inc. is dedicated to serving all gases, need for your analytical requirements.
    We are devoted to delivering gases to provide extensive uptime, beneath long-term costs, hoist productivity and intensify operational flexibility; so you canperform extraordinary with little. It’s so important for us to understand your business goals before we advise a gas, so we can facilitate you get the most out of your supply.
    Explore the pure gases, mixtures and handling equipment.
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    Carrier GasGradeCylinder SizeContent (m3)Product CodeValveRecommended Regulator
    Atomic Absorption – Flame (FAAS)      
    Acetylene2.6WN11.23SA_GA_201510single stage, brass
    AirExtra Dry3008.49SA_GA_202590dual stage, brass
    Nitrous Oxide220027.22SA_GA_203326single stage, brass
    Atomic Absorption – Graphite Furnace (GFAAS)      
    Argon4.83009.18SA_GA_204580dual stage, brass
    5% H2/argonCertified2006.27SA_GA_205350dual stage, brass
    Nitrogen4.83008.32SA_GA_206580dual stage, brass
    Electron Capture Detector (ECD)      
    P5 (5% CH4/Ar)Certified2006.27SA_GA_207350dual stage, brass
    Elementary Analysis (CNS)      
    Oxygen2.62006.76SA_GA_209540dual stage, brass
    CO24809.07SA_GA_210320single stage, brass
    Gas Chromatography (GC)      
    Helium53007.99SA_GA_211580dual stage, brass
    Hydrogen52005.32SA_GA_212350dual stage, brass
    Nitrogen53008.32SA_GA_213580dual stage, brass
    Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP)      
    Argon4.83009.18SA_GA_214580dual stage, brass
    ArgonLiquid ICP 4.8PCL230 HP159.85SA_GA_215580single stage, brass
    Mass Spectrometry (MS)      
    Helium53007.99SA_GA_216580dual stage, brass
    Helium63007.99SA_GA_217580dual stage, stainless steel
    Nitrogen53008.32SA_GA_218580dual stage, brass
    Nitrogen63808.32SA_GA_219580dual stage, stainless steel
    Ammonia5322.27SA_GA_220660single stage, stainless steel
    Spark Spectrometry (spark OES)      
    Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD)      
    8.5% H2/He   SA_GA_222  
    P10 (10% CH4/Ar)   SA_GA_223